Blow Molding Machine

We deal with medium & large sized blow molding machine for PFT (plastic fuel tank for automobile and motorcycle) , spoiler for automobile, container etc. We have a variety of delivery results and get a high evaluation in response to the demand of the customers.



We manufacture the monolayer and multilayer cross-head of consecutive method and accumulator method to the variety of molding method. we adopt the spiral shape to the flow channel of the cross-head for compactification, energy saving, homogenization of parison thickness.

Energy saving molding machine

We manufacture the middle size and large size molding machine from 40ton to 150ton clamping force for several products. In addition, we can prepare hybrid type (hydraulic + electric) and all electrically driven type for a line-up to suit energy saving, high speed molding.

High cycle

We can prepare the options such as ‘’Low-temperature & high through put screw ‘’, ‘’Air cooling system’’ for a high cycle molding.