Micro-Nano Melt Transcription Molding Machine(MTM)

JSW’s innovative polymer processing technology for producing highly functional thermoplastic polymer devices having high quality fine patterns with the dimensions from tens nanometers to hundreds micrometers under high productivity.


  • Simultaneous and unform transcription of high quality
    – Sharp edge
    – High aspect ratio※(※pattern height÷width)
    – Precise transcription
    – Wide range transcription size (ten nm~hundreds µm~afew mm)
  • Highly precise and stable molding process
    – Precision coating, vario-thermal temperature control and transcription operation
  • High productivity(vs. conventional hot embossing process, Standard Cycle time = 1 minute range)
  • Selectivity of molded product thickness from 100 µm to 5mm
  • Lpw residual stress, birefringence and orientation
  • Applicability to the various polymer materials
    – Thermoplastic polymer pellets (amorphous, crystalline)
  • Compatibilities from R&D use to mass production use