Direct pressure press molding machine


This is a direct pressure press for small curable resin products.
It is mainly used for molding products such as household electrical equipment (outlets, plugs, lighting equipment parts). 
After accurately measuring the powder material, press molding is performed.
We also perform release product release consistently.



Hydraulic energy saving technology

Equipped with energy-saving control technology that maximizes energy efficiency without impairing the characteristics of direct pressure hydraulic pressure.




Gas venting technology (curable molding)

When molding thermosetting resins such as phenol, melamine, rubber and BMC, a lot of gas is generated during the
curing process in the mold.
Ejecting this gas is an effective means of eliminating molding defects. Degassing is to release the mold clamping pressure during injection or at the end of injection, and it may open the parting surface of the mold to a preset position. Our degassing operation is effective in suppressing burrs and discharging gas by interlocking control of injection and mold clamping, and eliminates appearance defects.