Injection press molding machine




This is a special molding machine that is ideal for large thin products and optical products that do not like residual strain.
The 4-axis tie bars connected to the fixed platen are individually controlled to enable compression and mold clamping by parallel control with high accuracy of 0.02 mm.




Starvation plasticization technology

Since the gas generated from the material is degassed, it is effective for defects caused by the gas.

—  Comparison of general and starvation plasticization


Optical product molding technology

Proper surface treatment and design prevent contamination and yellowing.


Injection press mold technology

Press molding is the most suitable molding method for injection molding thin, large and distortion-free products.
We will cooperate with the development of new products, including molds, using the technology and know-how cultivated in the molding of high precision press machines, optical disks and light guide plates.