Physical foaming



 What is physical foaming?

By mixing N 2 and CO 2 with molten resin and injecting it into the mold, the gas in the resin forms fine bubbles inside the molded product, making it possible to reduce the weight of the product and improve warpage and sink marks.

There is a chemical foaming agent as a means of foam injection molding, and it is the mainstream in Japan because it can be used simply by attaching a shut-off nozzle to a standard injection molding machine and the introduction cost is low.

However, in recent years, the switch to physical foaming is progressing due to the environmental impact of the decomposition residues of chemical foaming agents and the difficulty in using recycled materials.

Physical foam injection molding can be applied to a wide range of resins, there is no problem of decomposition residues, and the running cost is lower than that of chemical foaming agents.

” MuCell ® ” developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and ” RIC-FOAM ” developed by Maxell Co., Ltd. and Kyoto University are available as physical foam injection molding methods .

We sell ” MuCell® molding machine” and ” SOFIT molding machine” as physical foam injection molding machines that combine our method with our own screw technology .


” MuCell® to the use of” technology, SCF will need to purchase the contract of supply.

To learn more, the door Leksell Japan Co., Ltd. (Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 1-6-4 . Tel03-6417-0072 ) to please contact us.

















Maintains IC tray performance, reduces weight by 10% and reduces warpage 15% PP with carbon                                                                                                                                                                    

               Solid                  MuCell

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