Ultra Large injection molding machine toggle type


Model: J2500AD, J3000AD

Mainly targeting the molding of large automobile parts, large daily necessities, pallets for transportation, etc. Achieved a significant improvement in stable moldability. This is a state-of-the-art electric injection molding machine that supports large molds, thin products, and high cycles in the large molding field




  1.  1. The newly developed multi-axis synchronous control system of the original large-capacity servo motor is adopted for the injection mechanism and the mold clamping mechanism.
  2.  2. High-speed, high-power injection mechanism that realizes stable molding of large-sized molded products and thin-walled molded products (injection speed improved by 45% or more compared to our hydraulic machine)
  3.  3. High plasticizing capacity that enables cycle shortening (25% or more improvement from our hydraulic machines).
  4.  4. High-speed mold opening / closing mechanism that enables cycle shortening (mold opening / closing time is reduced by 40% or more compared t0  our hydraulic machine)
  5.  5. Adopted a wide type board corresponding to the larger mold.
  6.  6. Equipped with a large 15-inch color LCD screen, the “SYSCOM 3000 Controller” has excellent operability and visibility and is capable of high-speed arithmetic processing.
  7.  7. Equipped with a high-speed servo control circuit that enables precise and stable molding.
  8.  8. Significant reduction in power consumption due to electrification.
  9.  9. Various complex operations that can shorten the cycle are possible.
  10.  10. Equipped as standard with a mold clamping force display device that enables visualization of mold clamping force.
  11.  11. Equipped as standard with injection compression molding function with various operation modes that realize low distortion molding, low pressure molding, and improved transferability.
  12.  12. Equipped as standard with a high-rigidity mold clamping device that uses a “flat press platen” that can apply uniform mold clamping force to the mold surface.

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J2500AD Specifications  (786KB)
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