Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine Rotary Type   

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<AD Small & Strong> Expandable die size and greatly improved workability

  •   1. Improved workability by lowering the table flo
  •   2. Shortening the dry cycle by reviewing the toggle design
  •   3. New mold protection function
  •   4. Expansion of mountable molds
  •   5. Increased flexibility in layout of production line by reducing machine width


                                          Larger rotary table

<AD Stable> Injection device that realizes high precision and stable operation

  •   1. JSW’s unique high-precision weighing control
  •   2. Reduction of power consumption
  •   3. Expansion of dedicated screw / cylinder for PPS / PA (option)


      Comparison of molding quality variation                                                          SG screw head

<AD Satisfaction > The new controller SYSCOM5000i to satisfy various needs

  •   1. Easy operation and increase functionality
  •   2. User friendly screen configuration
  •   3. Power consumption reduction support
  •   4. Rotary machine-specific 2 condition injection standard equipment
  •   5. Mold condition memo, screen shots/handwritten memo. User-manual display function

        SYSCOM5000i external apperances

<AD Smart > IoT Solution J-WiSe

  •   1. Production management: Visualization of manufacturing sites by NET100 system (option)
  •   2. Maintenance: Preventive maintenance function, Maintenance memo
  •   3. Molding support: Mold start-up support function
  •   4. Production automation system: I/O customize (option)

—  Guidance & Specification Downloads

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