[LINK10]Labor Saving & Process Data Collection with Remote Monitoring
With using LINK10, you can monitor several extruders operation through intranet, and laborsaving of a quality control and automation of production control are realized. Communication with up to 10 (ten) sets of extrusion machines is enabled via Ethernet LAN by equipping an EXANET controller with a network interface card (option).
Observation and Control for Multi-Production Lines

  • Data Logging : C S V form
  • Remote console : Same data as EXANET panel can be displayed on a remote personal computer
  • Operation conditions : The preservation and read-out alarm transmission to upload, download and HDD
  • Transmitting Alarm : Alarm message to be transmitted to the (strikethrough : appointed) mail address assigned

[EXANET]Easy Operation and Reliable Control System

“i-TEX” comes standard with the EXANET computer aided control system originally developed by JSW.With having newest 64bitCPU, high-speed and highly precise operation control is realized.

Preventive Maintenance for failure/abnormal operation

Sensors provided in the machine are useful to monitor the operating condition and prevent big damage in advance.

Flexible Control System for a wide variety of Compounding Process

Communication control system operation part is independent of operation panel and installed at extruder side, operation and workability improved.

Maintenance Message

Exact preventive maintenance can be achieved, notifying proper maintenance timing in advance.

Operation Guide and Advice

Advise of trouble shooting : Dialogue form advice can be expected through EXANET panel such as vent up, feed neck.


Perfect technical Service & Consulting Offering the Best System Suitable for your process

JSW’s “Technology Development Center” for polymer processing is one of the world’s leading plastics processing research facilities. The Extrusion Division at the Center has more than 10 extruders installed to perform a wide variety of tests for product development.

Screw configuration management software TEX-GEO (Option)

JSW originally developed screw geometry management software TEX-GEO can design and maintain screw configuration as database.
It is possible to edit, save and print screw configuration in computerized style which was being created in handwriting until now.

FAN method simulation software TEX-FAN (Option)

JSW originally developed FAN (Flow Analysis Network) method software (TEX-FAN) can analyze the important factors, such as polymer pressure and temperature profile, fullness, residence time, and solid ratio in a short term.
It is effective in the prediction of quality control and speed-up of material development using this software.