What is TEX

JSW presents new generation “i-TEX” series Twin Screw Extruder, which follows design concept of TEX alfa-2 series, high speed and ultra high torque. “i-TEX”provides world highest quality with “Integrated, Intelligent, Innovative” technology.

Excellent Performance

High Durability

JSW provides a variety of originally developed Anti-wear, Anti-corrosion materials. Newly developed LSP-M has 20 times higher anti wear resistance compared with the conventional LSP-2. Also, N-alloy 70 can be provided as cylinder material.

 N-ALOY 70H    LSP-M

World largest co-rotation twin screw extruder

To meet various customers’ demand, JSW can supply from TEX28 to TEX400 model. Left Photo shows the largest co-rotation twin screw extruder TEX400 (cylinder dia 443 mm) which has 35 meter long and 320 ton weight.


Long L/D

TEX has block type cylinders, and can be extended to satisfy a variety of required specifications. The total L/D can be up to 120 to fulfill a special demand.

Sophisticated kneading Performance

Patented NIC cylinder can provide sophisticated kneading performance, especially for fine compounding. The NIC effects better dispersion and can achieve energy saving.(Pat. 55 16205 USA)

 Section of NIC     Material flow

i-TEX Total Support

JSW has been developing not only various kinds of weighing feeders, but also many option items according to clients’ variety of needs. Furthermore, JSW can supply clients with a total package of reliable production line and plant.