Auxiliary Equipment
Weighing Feeder
JSW’s weighing feeders provide a
high-precision and stable supply
of a variety of plastics materials
to the extruder by using the
highly accurate measuring system.
  Side Feeder
Side feeder provides a stable supply
of fillers and additives to the
extruder, which is important to produce
high-quality products.
  Gear Pump
Gear Pump provides high discharge
pressure and increases discharge accuracy.
Two-gear type and three-gear type
are available depending on the
Screen Changer
Screen can be replaced during operation
without stopping the extruder. A variety of
models are available for the full range
of extruders.
  Polymer Filter
The demand for polymer filters to remove
foreign matters from several to several
tens of micrometers are increasing
to cope with optical grade products. An
optimum model is selected according
to the purpose.
  Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump is indispensable for
devolatilization application. Various
models for from general-purpose to
high-vacuum are available.

Liquid Injection Pump

Liquid injection pump is a
necessary device to feed various
sub-materials in liquid state into
extruder cylinder. An optimum model is
selected according to the purpose.