We are proud to supply over 3,000 sets of T-Dies fro various application.

Hybrid T-Die


  1. Hybrid Die has the property of better uniformity than conventional Die(Coat Hanger, Tilt Land).
  2. Thanks to shorter residence time, Hybrid Die can prevent resin degradation by continuous operation.
  3. Keeping the shear speed inside of Manifold,it can prevent adhere degradated products.
  4. Adjusting proper opening mouth, precise thickness control can be enable.

Multilayer technology

  1. Suitable for a wide range die. (6000mm maximum)
  2. Good dimensional accuracy of each layer’s thickness.
  3. Suitable for forming film of single purpose.
  1. Easy to mold multilayer.
  2. Various combinations are available by switching laminated plugs.
  3. Corresponding to any kinds of molding needs. (any materials & any layer’s ratio)

Simulation technique

All T-dies are designed with theoretical analysis We always recommend the newest structural techniques and offer you our high trust product.

[ Fluid – structural coupling analysis ]

Optimizing the thickness of forming films by predicting the amount of lip flexure.