The backing steel is ordinarily plain carbon and alloy steel. All carbon and alloy steel conforming to ASTM, ASME, BS, DIN, GOST, AB, LR, KR, NV, JIS, and other specification are available.

A285-90 Grade A
A285-90 Grade B DIN17155   Type HI BS1501-151   Grade 360 A37C1orC2-NFA36.205
A285-90 Grade C DIN17155   Type HI BS1501-151   Grade 360 A37C1orC2-NFA36.205
A515-92 Grade 60 DIN17155   Type HII BS1501-151   Grade 400 A42C1orC2-NFA36.205
A515-92 Grade 65 DIN17155   Type HIII BS1501-151   Grade 430 A48C1orC2-NFA36.208
A515-92 Grade 70 DIN17155   Type HIV A48C1orC2-NFA36.208
A516-90 Grade 55 DIN17135   Ast 35 A37R1orP2-NFA36.205
A516-90 Grade 60 DIN17135   Ast 41 BS1501-161   Grade 400 A42P1orP2-NFA36.205
A516-90 Grade 65 DIN17135   Ast 45 BS1501-224   Grade 460 A42FP1orFP2-NFA36.208
A516-90 Grade 70 DIN17155   17Mn4
    DIN17155 19Mn5
BS1501-224   Grade 490 A48P1or-P2-NFAF   36.205
  A48FP1orFP2-NFAF 36.208
A204-93   Grade A DIN17155 15Mo3 15D3-NFA36.206
A204-93 Grade B DIN17155   16Mo5
A204-93 Grade C
A387-92 Grade 2
A387-92 Class 2
BS1501-271 15CD2.05-NFA3.206
A387-92   Grade 12
A387-92Class 2
DIN17155   13CrMo44 BS1501-620 15CD4.05-NFA36.206
A387-92   Grade 11
A387-92 Class 2
A387-92   Grade 22
A387-92 Class 2
DIN17155   10CrMo9.10 BS1501-622/515 10CD9.10-NFA36.206
A387-92   Grade 21
A387-92 Class 2
A302-93   Grade A 18MD7-05
A302-93   Grade B 15MDV4-05-NFA36.206
A302-93 Grade C
A302-93 Grade D
A299-90 DIN17155   19Mn5 A52C1-NFA   36.205
A537-95 Class 1 DIN17155   StE355 BS1501-244Grade   490 A52FP1-NFA36.208
A537-95 Class 2 DIN17155   StE420