Monobloks Rotor Shafts for Power Generators

World-class steel manufacturing and processing techniques help to conserve energy.

As a steel component used in turbine shafts, this product must fully withstand constant high-speed rotation. It must therefore be made of very high-quality steel, using advanced precision processing. By making large rotor shafts for high-output power plants, we are helping to meet the world’s power generation needs.


Rotor shafts used in power plant turbines need to withstand extremely high levels of temperature, pressure, and rotation. As power generation capacity increases, larger shafts are required.

Using a wealth of forging techniques amassed since JSW was first established, we develop and manufacture monoblock rotor shafts from large steel ingots, without the need for welds or other joints.

Mastery of some of the world’s largest production facilities, including a 14,000-ton press, now enables us to manufacture shafts from 600-ton steel ingots. In response to further increases in generation capacity, we are developing manufacturing techniques for 670-ton ingots, the largest in the world.