Steel Pressure Vessel for Hydrogen Storage

Low-cost, highly durable steel Pressure Vessels contribute to the creation of a hydrogen society.

These high-capacity steel Pressure Vessels are used in hydrogen filling stations supplying hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles. Selecting high-strength steel and using techniques that ensure excellent durability, we have launched 300-liter Pressure Vessel on the market at a greatly reduced price.


By combining materials featuring the superior strength and toughness required of Pressure Vessels with processing techniques that ensure high durability, we have created a product that can be used for more than 50,000 fills. We will contribute to further reductions in life cycle costs for long-term use by gathering data that will gradually enable us to extend product design life.

This new product also facilitates detailed inspection of the accumulator interior, which has been problematic with conventional gas cylinders. Since the product is made from steel, ultrasonic testing can be conducted even while it is in operation, assuring complete safety and reliability.