Huge” and “High Quality” Rolls

All Back-up rolls manufactured by JSW are forged steel products. Compared with casted steel products, forged steel rolls have high fatigue strength and spalling resistance. In the case of Back-up roll, all users in Japan use forged steel products at present.

JSW has high ability to manufacture “huge” and “high quality” steel products. That is not exceptional for plate mill Back-up roll (PB roll). JSW can manufacture heavy PB rolls by forging. In addition, JSW can manufacture high-carbon-Cr-Mo steel for roll’s material that possesses good combination of both high wear resistance and high resistance to thermal shock cracking that lasts until the scrap diameter.

The development of he PB rolls of JSW is mainly a transition of its manufacturing process of increasing size. At the beginning of year 1955, the size of the PB rolls was 70T Class; however, thanks to the success of developing larger size, JSW had already succeeded in manufacturing and delivering 240T Class “Huge”PB rolls which have
largest size for PB rolls.

We have already supplied more than 350 pieces of PB rolls and enjoy a high reputation with many domestic and overseas customers. We also have rich supplyexperience of PB rolls of over 200T that were manufactured from gigantic ingots (350T ~ 600T)