JSW’s Back-up Rolls for Hot & Cold strip Mills

Since 1965, 3%Cr-Mo steels were used widely. The advantageous property of the material was superior crack resistance. However, wear resistance is inferior due to low hardness. (max. Hs65)
Afterward, we had developed high hardness material of 5%Cr-Mo steel to improve wear resistance. The hardness level exceeded to Hs 70 and wear resistance have been improved greatly.
On the other hand, we also developed new alloy design into strengthened matrix structure with few carbide. That is,3.5% Cr-Mo steel (brand name is ART) which has a good combination of wear resistance and rolling trouble resistance.
Due to the performance of the ART shows equivalent performance as the 5% Cr-Mo steel in actual usage, we have numbers of supply experience of ART as well as the 5% Cr-Mo steel.

We illustrate the supply experience of ART on the world map as above.
More than 820 pieces of ART Back-up rolls have already been delivered so far. As you can see, the JSW is ready to supply Back-up rolls that meet any customers demands.